• How to increase ticket and merchandise sales, attendee engagement, social following, and ultimately national status as a young northwest music festival on a budget?

our solution:

  • Create a nationwide offline-to-online promotional campaign that takes keeps costs low while maximizing the spread of the campaign by offering relevant, immediate value to attendee prospect and the chance to win a high value experience with them.


We worked with Seattle-based USC Events & Paradiso Music Festival. This contest was designed to raise brand awareness and create a conversation in both the physical and online world, grow followers, emails, and relationships with prospective attendees. We distributed +20,000 promo cards nationwide at prominent music festivals, inciting online participation to a contest that was equipped with fangating technology for the opportunity to win VIP tickets to the festival. Anyone who participated got free music downloads from up and coming artists and discount codes to various trendy brands.


Fan photo 1.png
Fan photo 2.png
Fan photo 3.png

  • In order to earn entry to the contest, contestants began their relationship by receiving a promo card prompting them to take a photo of the card and tweet it at us. We responded with a link to the contest. Now, the followers of this person have also been exposed to this contest, how to participate, and the link to do it.

  • The contest prompted people to earn an entry via liking and following USC Events, as well as by posting a link to the contest on your social media feeds, thus getting more attention.




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